Fabulous Masterpieces Featured on Channel 4's The Restoration Man!

"The Restoration Man" is a television series on Channel 4 presented by architect George Clarke. Clarke gives advice and help to homeowners across the UK who have undertaken huge restoration projects of historical houses, stately homes and other architectual gems. Fabulous Masterpieces was contacted by Stephen and Suzana Edwards, who were featured in Episode 9 of the series, to paint ancestral portraits and portraits of historical figures such as Gladstone, Churchill and Edward, Prince of Wales, all who had actually stayed in their 70 room mansion in Wales that they are restoring.


Fabulous Masterpieces' portrait of Edward VIII was shown on the programme with George Clarke who exclaimed: "That's fantastic" and Mrs Edwards proclaiming: "We're absolutely delighted with it..." "We're delighted with that quality".

"That's the first of many" says Mr Edwards.


 Prince of Wales - Edward VIII by Fabulous Masterpieces

 The Prince of Wales - Edward VIII by Fabulous Masterpieces. Oil on canvas.

If you, like Mr & Mrs Edwards are restoring a period property and would like advice on artwork please contact Tim Bertram on 020 8354 1818 or email tim@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk

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